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Liz Smith and Pete-Jeff White

305 Goodrich Hill Rd.

Berkshire, NY 13736

Speedsville, NY


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Recent Events:

For 2008 the place got a new look.

A greenhouse was constructed around the cabin, creating GoodGreenHouse.   We now are not only and but also  

Well the cabin as seen depicted in the LoisJean painting below, has been encompassed in a large glass greenhouse superstructure originally from Corpus Christi Texas.  This is our new GoodGreenHouse with a greenhouse on the South  side and conservatory on the North side (see bottom model photo).  To view construction and recent photos go to the New GreenHouse link.



For 2007 the big event was the wedding, of course, but we also added a trip to Saratoga.

You heard us right.  On August 15th in the town square in Speedsville, USA.  Liz and I were lucky enough to have many friends and family join us when we got married.  After the reception in the Speedsville Community Hall, we gathered at the FARM for a wonderful dinner with Lou supplying the roasted pig as a main course.  

We believe all had a good time.  None of this would have been possible without the huge efforts of family members and friends.  People have been assisting us for weeks and everyone stepped up and lent a hand to make our wedding day especially nice.  Special thanks to Liz's sisters Elaine and Leona, and our favorite farmer, Robert Maynard.  

Many events coincided to make the day extra special - such as the beautiful horses seen prancing and rolling in the freshly cut hay as we rode the wagon to the peak of the hill and viewed Speedsville Valley, before descending to the park for the ceremony.

1)  The wedding started with a hay wagon ride to Speedsville with the Hogtie Sessions providing music.

2)  The trip had an unexpected thrill of some beautiful thoroughbreds frolicking in the field.

3)  The hay ride gave a great view of the Speedsville Valley on our way.

4)  The wedding took place at the Speedsville town square with the Hogtie sessions in the gazebo.

5)  There was a champagne punch and cake reception  at the Speedsville Community Hall. 

6)  Most of the Ithaca College library folk joined us.    

7)  This was followed by a pig roast at the farm provided by Lou Pendleton.

8)  After all of that we had a day or so with some relaxation.

9)  We added a bus trip to Saratoga in case people hadn't had enough of us yet.

10)  The paddock was wonderful to be at to view the horses and have everyone together.

11)  All had a good time, thanks to everyone pitching in.

The GoodGreenFarm website was sited in an article in Tompkins Weekly regarding hiking at Potato Hill State Forest.  Go to the past issues link and see the Oct. 1, 2007 issue page 14.

For 2006 the big events were:

1.)  Recover from Forest Tent Caterpillar Infestation and defoliation.

2.)  The kitchen always needed an oven so we built one outside.  The earth oven is looking good.

3.)  The deck had seen better days, so we had to see about replacing it.

4.)  We thought that we needed a little more assistance around the place so we got a pet gator.

5.)  Family Gathering went well although we missed those that couldn't make it.

The big events for 2005 were:

1 - Build a greenhouse on the old cow barn foundation.

2 - Start a garden below the old cow barn foundation.

3 - Get siblings to come visit.

4 - Purchase a tractor that will help us out on the farm.

Farm History:

    Elizur Goodrich arrived in the Speedsville area around 1820.  In 1838 Elizur moved to 500 Acres on the corner of the Level Green Road and Goodrich Hill Rd.  Elizur was married to Francis Scranton, sister to his brother Horace's wife Eleanor.  Seven children were born to Elizur and Francis, Levi being born July 1st, 1837.

      Levi lived at home, assisting his father until January 1, 1864, when he went into the Union Army to aid in quelling the rebellion. He was honorably discharged and returned home in the spring of 1865 when he purchased his father's farm.  His parents lived with him for the rest of their days and are buried on Brummage Rd.  Levi was married to Clara Covert on January 5, 1870.  They had three boys: Louis C. born April 4,1871, Chauncey born on June 17,1876, and Wirt, born in 1879. 

    In 1879, Levi was the largest  landowner in the town of Caroline, being the possessor of 500 Acres of good land, keeping 60 cows and 100 head of cattle, two trotting horses etc.  Levi owned many acres of virgin forest making him a wealthy man.  Levi constructed a half-mile track in 1880 to train horses.  Portions of this track can still be made out on the hill.  He raised Hambletonians and other popular breeds in addition to the Syracuse Blackhawk.  One of his horses was purchased  by President Grover Cleveland and was used during his inaugural parade in March of 1893 (See stereoscopic photo below from the Library of Congress).  Levi trained 10 to 12 horses each year to sell.

    Other resources indicate that the second horse was also from the area and may have been teamed up with the one owned by Levi, but we still need more info.

    Levi's son Chauncey attended Cornell University Law School, brought his diploma home, hung it on the wall, and went back to work on the farm.  After the death of Levi and Clara, their son Wirt and his wife Helen moved back to the Goodrich Home place with Chauncey.  Wirt died in 1927 and most of the dairy herd was lost to TB in the late 1920's.  Helen never increased the dairy herd but continued to operate a poultry farm until 1937.  After Wirt's death, Chauncey continued to do the chores though the crops were worked on shares by Ephraim Jordan and his sons thru 1937.  In 1937, the farm was sold to the VanRiper family from Ithaca, New York.  They did not operate the farm but cut much of the still virgin forest.

    The Clark Seed Farm purchased the land and the main house was torn down.  The cow barn, chicken coop, and maple sugar house sat on the right side of the road.  The house and horse barns set on the left hand side of the road.  The barn was destroyed by fire and the other buildings slowly fell down.  The Clark Seed Co. planted large fields of potatoes on the hills.  Potato Hill State Forest lies on Level Green Rd. just a short distance from the original farm location.

***NOTE:  Most of this information is due to the courtesy of Mary Jordan who agreed to permit us to copy information form her book "The Pictorial History of Speedsville Jenksville Caroline Center Rawson Hollow" Compiled, edited and written by:  Mary Jordan, Jeff Gregrow, Neil Poppeinsick, and Margaret Thomas.