GoodGreen Farm
Liz Smith and Pete-Jeff White

305 Goodrich Hill Rd.

Berkshire, NY 13736

Speedsville, NY


(607)-277-1573 Ithaca phone


Now we're also GoodGreenHouse


We're in the TOP 25 at Sundance

Please go to Sundance channel and vote for us 

Prize is $10,000 and engineering assistance

(you can vote once each day  'till the 24th of June)

See below for our ideas or you can view our poster.


To View the Poster outlining our ideas click here.


*Permission to use logo and its image received by IYP committee 2/1/08

It's the International Year of the Potato

Peru is the origin of the potato



New GreenHouse

Bird List

Area Maps



Photo Album




Farm History




Fun? Things Not Directly Related to the Farm

Bird Watching Although not just the farm it does increase the species number.  We are members of Cornell Lab. of Ornithology and report our sightings to FeederWatch.

Shoals Marine Lab Although we haven't made it for volunteer weekend lately we still enjoy Shoals.

CHESS Although I sometimes don't like to admit it I DID enjoy working at CHESS.  I've recently left Cornell to pursue the construction of the GoodGreenHouse.