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Liz Smith and Pete-Jeff White

305 Goodrich Hill Rd.

Berkshire, NY 13736

Speedsville, NY


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 GoodGreen House construction at the farm.

The cabin is now inside a tempered glass clearspan greenhouse that provides a 10' x 30' greenhouse production area on the South end of the cabin, 30' x 30' conservatory on the North end of the cabin, 20' x 30' area that covers the cabin and provides 6' width for a pathway between the greenhouse and the conservatory, and a 10' x 30' courtyard.  The cabin porch has been modified with 3 sets of sliding doors permitting entrance to the cabin, greenhouse portion and conservatory all from what was previously the porch.   We have been requested to write an article for this project and we have a poster describing the concepts.  Some architectural advice was received from followers of BengtWarne which designed many houses within greenhouses in Sweden such as that found on the site

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*Clicking on the photos below brings up a larger view.

Some recent photos showing the greening of GoodGreenHouse.

The picture below shows it erected in Corpus Christi Texas.

The pictures below show our ideas via a model


The pictures below show the construction process:

First of all finding the used greenhouse and correcting some water and electric issues,

clearing wood and starting the digging for drainage and foundation,

creating the footers, forms for piers and eco-block and pouring the concrete,

then preparing the materials and erecting the structure itself,

the CA crew arrives and glasswork begins,

then the porch doors and foundation windows are installed, the South wall enclosed, and North wall formed,

and then the North wall is finished, enclosing GoodGreenHouse.


 The 2008 Holidays arrive: