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Liz Smith and Pete-Jeff White

305 Goodrich Hill Rd.

Berkshire, NY 13736

Speedsville, NY


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Wedding Photos:

Many events coincided to make the day extra special - such as the beautiful horses seen prancing and rolling in the freshly cut hay as we rode the wagon to the peak of the hill and viewed Speedsville Valley, before descending to the park for the ceremony.

1)  The wedding started with a hay wagon ride to Speedsville with the Hogtie Sessions providing music.

2)  The trip had an unexpected thrill of some beautiful thoroughbreds frolicking in the field.

3)  The hay ride gave a great view of the Speedsville Valley on our way.

4)  The wedding took place at the Speedsville town square with the Hogtie sessions in the gazebo.

5)  There was a champagne punch and cake reception  at the Speedsville Community Hall. 

6)  Most of the Ithaca College library folk joined us.    

7)  This was followed by a pig roast at the farm provided by Lou Pendleton.

8)  After all of that we had a day or so with some relaxation.

9)  We added a bus trip to Saratoga in case people hadn't had enough of us yet.

10)  The paddock was wonderful to be at to view the horses and have everyone together.

11)  All had a good time, thanks to everyone pitching in.