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Liz Smith and Pete-Jeff White

305 Goodrich Hill Rd.

Berkshire, NY 13736

Speedsville, USA



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Welcome to GoodGreen Farm!

Liz and I would like to welcome you to GoodGreen Farm©.

Located at the intersection of Goodrich Hill Rd. and Level Green Rd just outside of Speedsville, USA.

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Yaple Maple syrup samples in the window showing this and last years daily production samples, used for grading.

We've been quite busy this winter between shoveling snow, moving wood, cutting and splitting wood for next year but still found time to play ping pong.  This was a good year for our friends at Yaple Maple, where Liz and I try to lend a hand.

Nothing stays the same at GoodGreenHouse.  We have recently updated the furnishings and installed flooring to reflect the change that we sold the town house and are now both at the farm full time. YEAH!

The GoodGreenHouse concept was in the top 25 of the 2008 Sundance Channel's Big Idea Contest.

The GoodGreenFarm website was sited in an article in Tompkins Weekly regarding hiking at Potato Hill State Forest.  Go to the past issues link and see the Oct. 1, 2007 issue page 14.


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